a-Comics Magazine vol 5
This is already the 5th time you enjoy another issue of our magazine. Sounds great, does it not? Yet again we bring you a dose of premium drawn smut, this time covering such topics as books of Satan, freaky supercharacters, getting off with corpses, the newly invented tale of sweet Pinocchia, and other ultra exciting subjects. As usual, you can expect a variety of naturally beautiful drawing styles including BW and colored artwork. Over 15 super-sexy cartoons - don't waste time, check them out now!

Lara Jones - The Hammer of Thor
Lara Jones made her way in the very heart of the well-guarded Reich fortress in search of yet another ancient artifact. But the whole operation seemed to go wrong when she got caught by the fuhrer's special division of lesdom perverts. Then she was going to get punished for her arrogance, 'cause these sapphos felt hot and hungry. Was she able to get through this totally crazy lesdom orgy?..

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